With Last Local Guide Service, you can fish with a local!

Capt. Vann is a third-generation fisherman from Panama City, Florida and has been professionally guiding since 2011. His family has fished on the waters of St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico since 1929. With over four decades of fishing experience, John has earned his place as a respected angler and waterman in the community. Having a passion for time on the water, combined with a lifetime of angling skill, make for successful and unforgettable trips for his clients.

Our mission is to provide our clients with an incredible experience and memories that will last a lifetime. Success on the water has been reached when you step off my boat with a smile, you consider me a friend, and have full intentions to fish with me again.

Your Charter Boat

The “Last Local” is a 2013 Sea Fox Viper: an incredibly versatile “Florida style” guide boat with the ability to fish in one foot of water on the shallow flats and out to one hundred feet in the open water of the Gulf. She is very stable, quick, comfortable for clients and reliable. The boat measures 23 feet long and is powered by a 200HP Yamaha.

Fishing Tackle

Quality tackle can make the difference between an average fishing experience or an epic one!

Aboard the Last Local, you will find only the best in modern, light tackle gear. Penn and Shimano rods/reels will be properly rigged and ready to go for every fishing charter.